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Did you recently find out about the wonders of the Ukulele? Are you looking for an ideal ukulele guide for you as you learn how to play the instrument? Do you want to enjoy a refresher? Ukulele Mandi is the right choice for all your ukulele needs, and it could be the ideal platform for you to stay ahead of the curve with the rising popularity of this instrument.

Ukulele Mandi features videos from the talented and accredited Mandi Hutchingson, 16, who has been hailed as a rising musical star. Her vast array of musical talent includes the writing, vocal range and theh ability to play multiple instruments, but it is for her ukulele skill that Mandi is acknowledged. Mandi’s musical ability was noticed by her mother when she was six, as young Mandi copied her piano rhythm precisely by hearing it alone. She combined the piano with drums and rose to prominence in her church band, despite being only 8 at the time.

Mandi bumped into the ukulele when she turned 9, falling in love with its unique sound after watching a video on the internet. Once she was able to find it, Mandi self-taught herself a few tunes and has been playing it ever since. Despite posting her videos on YouTube of herself singing and playing instruments as a pastime, Mandi has attracted the attention of a number of big musical acts. After playing for only a couple of years, this young prodigy was in concert with Jamie-Grace!

Ukulele Mandi features more than just lessons on how to play the ukulele. There are also different analysis on the types of ukuleles and other insightful and relevant content. You will learn how to tune your ukulele on the platform, and understand how to get the right sounding notes every time. Our selection of ukulele tutorials will also help you learn a number or two, which can keep you enjoying your instrument for hours as you learn how to play it.

Ukulele Mandi will keep you entertained and informed on all matters surrounding the ukulele. We will help you understand your instrument, which will help you take better care of it and use it for a long time.  Our vast selection of ukulele music will help you play both modern and classical tunes, as well as jazz up some chords in your own unique style. We enjoy playing our ukuleles, and would love to help get you enjoying yours too.